Hugin and Munin

Here is a color piece. The Crow’s on the tree branch is a piece based on norse mythology Hugin and Munin Two ravens sit on his (Odin’s) shoulders and whisper all the news which they see and hear into his ear; they are called Hugin and Munin. He sends them out in the morning to fly around the whole world, and by breakfast they are back again. Thus, he finds out many new things and this is why he is called ‘raven-god’  Crows

Hugin and Munin
Fly every day
Over all the world;
I worry for Hugin
That he might not return,
But I worry more for Munin.

Stained Glass

A fun half sleeve piece done on our friend Kerry by Matt Maguire at The Compass Rose Custom Tattoos in downtown Gloucester, MA. She wanted to combine stained glass with a chickadee and we made it happen. Call to set up a free consult or book an appointment 978.281.2573 Email