Stained Glass

A fun half sleeve piece done on our friend Kerry by Matt Maguire at The Compass Rose Custom Tattoos in downtown Gloucester, MA. She wanted to combine stained glass with a chickadee and we made it happen. Call to set up a free consult or book an appointment 978.281.2573 Email


What’s your cover-up story?


Matt added a blue background to finish this cover-up piece. Tribal turned into this Tibetan skull! In a few sittings we can transform that tattoo you regret into something brilliant. Call to set up a free consult 978.281.2573

Email us your questions or stop by and check out the shop located in downtown Gloucester, MA

IMG_2737 IMG_2739 Cover-up



Reindeer Carousel

A very fun, colorful forearm tattoo piece done by Matt Maguire at The Compass Rose Custom Tattoos in downtown Gloucester, MA. To book a tattoo appointment or consult call the shop (978) 281-2573 or Email us Reindeer2

Man at the wheel

Here’s a piece done by Matt Maguire at The Compass Rose Custom Tattoo’s in Down Town Gloucester called Man at  the Wheel. The Color Tattoo is based off the Famous statue overlooking Gloucester Harbor. Looking for a Tattoo or tattoo ideas contact us at or call (978)281-2573 and we will be glad to see your tattoo ideas become a reality.

man at the wheel
man at the wheel